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Country Dog Ranch

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Do you want your dog to be really happy?

Looking for a place for your dog to be able to roam around freely in the outdoors while you’re at work or on a long vacation? Do you need your pet to become more obedient and improve his or her behavior? If you’re looking to improve your relationship with your dog or just give them a place to roam around while you’re gone, you should definitely contact Country Dog Ranch of Los Angeles, CA. We provide outstanding dog boarding, dog daycare, and dog training services to LA and surrounding areas. If you love your dog and want him or her to be happy and healthy, you are in Country Dog Ranch has the staff to handle your needs. We offer Country Doggie Day Care, Canyon Hikes, Dog Obedience Training and Behavior Problems Consulting.


We offer:

  •  six acres entirely fenced land secured ranch
  •  cage free facility.
  •  dogs are free to roam outside and sleep inside the house
  • swimming pool with beach entry designed for dogs
  • mercedes benz limo van for free pickup and delivery for maximum freedom and supervision limited number accepted

Country Dog Ranch has a six acres facility of entirely fenced land, located in the Hills of Santa Clarita Valley, which was specially designed with lots of fun activities for dogs. We have plenty of grass for your dogs to roam and we recently just completed construction on a pool with waterfalls for dogs to be able to swim and play with each other. We rim a secure, cage free facility where dogs are free to roam outside and sleep inside the house. At Country Dog Ranch, we’re all about giving your dog the best professional treatment. When you’re in need of an experienced and professional dog boarding facility, dog daycare, or dog trainer, look no further than Country Dog Ranch.


On top of offering six acres of land and a swimming pool with beach entry designed for your dogs to play in, we also obedience train many dogs, help solve behavior problems and improve their relationship with their families. Our staff specializes in dog psychology, behavior analysis and obedience training. Our work is based on solid scientific principles and well established methods that are proven to be effective in helping both dogs and owners improve their psychological well-being and emotional balance. We also offer a mercedes benz limo van for free pickup and delivery of your dogs. We make sure your pup has maximum freedom and supervision by limiting the number of dogs we accept at one time.


Country Dog Ranch is run by a team who are experienced with dog psychology:

Dominique – Owner and founder of Country Dog Ranch

Dominique is a dog trainer based in LA who has been training and walking dogs both in the US and abroad since 1990. He specializes in obedience training and problem solving. He enjoys taking the pack for canyon hikes in the mountains of Los Angeles.


Gloria – Owner and director of Country Dog Ranch

Gloria is a Chilean-American dog lover who met Dominique in Chile and then married him and relocated in the US, where she started working with him in 2003. She is a dog trainer and also loves to walk with the pack in the mountains.


If you’re interested in getting in touch with Country Dog Ranch for dog obedience training, dog boarding, or dog daycare services, please contact us by phone at (800) 591-1080. You can also feel free to send us an e-mail at We love to hear from our customers and will try our best to answer any inquires as soon as possible.

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